Personal Trainers

Karla Chrislaw - Certified Personal Trainer

Here at Clinton Total Fitness we are passionate about helping you become healthier. I have been living fitness since childhood and have learned so much in my 25 years in the fitness industry. I teach a Senior Fitness Class. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Exercise Cancer and Senior Fitness Specialist. I can help you with any health goal you may have; weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, strength, balance, high cholesterol, flexibility, increase energy, etc. I enjoy working with all ages! I can even train in your own home.

Lynda Roehl - Personal Trainer

Hello! I am a new personal trainer at Clinton Fit. I am a mother of 3 girls. I work for myself and I work as a trainer at the YMCA as well. I try to be a positive role model and set a good example for my daughters, and I try to teach them the importance of being active. I believe fitness should be enjoyed, not felt as a punishment. My training consists of the right combination of cardio exercise and strength training, along with proper nutrition to achieve the best results. I believe we all have the potential to be stronger, faster and better than we tell ourselves. Feel free to contact me for a free wellness session.